What’s better than travelling to different destinations and experiencing bucket list events? Doing it affordably and in the best company possible - with your international friends!


Yes-Trips has teamed up with ESN Switzerland and is about to take you to once in a lifetime bucket list events and trips all around Europe (and beyond). Yes-Trips has years of experience working closely with student organisations and knows exactly how to bring you the ultimate experience!


Oktoberfest in Münich, King’s Day in Amsterdam, Carnival in Cologne are already on your bucket list? Why not scratch them off while on your exchange? We create full package trips and take care of all the organisational stuff such as transport and accommodation. The only thing left for you to worry about is having the time of your life!


Are you more of a city tour lover? In addition to the memorable bucket list events, Yes-Trips organises trips to various European hotspots. Do you want to visit Paris, Berlin or Prague, learn about the city’s history but also experience the nightlife? Yes-Trips brings you the best of both - spend the day exploring the city and its landmarks and then dive into the local nightlife. Our amazing team of trained guides will not only show you around but also make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest!


Why Yes-Trips?


Yes-Trips’ main focus is on creating an unforgettable experience and lifelong memories. Travelling is always exciting but what makes it even better is doing it with friends and in a way allowing you to create even more friends. A shared experience is a guaranteed way to have the most fun!