Mens sana in corpore sano. Moving abroad for an exchange is a big turnaround which includes changing our everyday habits. Regular practices usually happen when we have a stable routine, and it’s kind of hard to plan anything when you are aware that you will have to change your lifestyle again in 6 months or so. When they move to another country, exchange students usually spend quite a lot of time on trying out the national cuisine which often includes dining out, as well as tasting products offered in shops in order to discover which ones actually suit their needs. Also, they have a certain monthly budget they depend on which can make it quite hard to purchase big quantities of healthy food which is usually more expensive. Apart from figuring out their dietary needs, exchange students also spend quite a lot of time setting up their new life which can be a source of some physical and emotional distress. Knowing this, local sections often organise sport related events such as hiking, football matches and dance classes, or make ESNcard discount deals with their local gym. They also organise healthy eating workshops, publish healthy recipes or give tips on where to purchase affordable healthy food in their city. Additionally, ESN also implements Responsible Party, an activity which revolves around the moderate alcohol consumption, and International Erasmus Games, an annual sport competition for exchange students all over Europe.