Culture; customs, values and social behavior of a particular group of people at a particular time. Experiencing the way of life in diverse and unknown cultures is a strong motivator for young people to move abroad in order to participate in mobility programmes. One of ESN’s values is unity in diversity, diversity in unity and our members work hard to provide opportunities for cultural understanding to both international and local members of their community, as well as open an intercultural dialogue between them. Our members organise city tours, visits to various cultural institutions, trips to National Parks and other places of importance in the country in order to showcase their cultural and natural heritage, therefore actively contributing to the country’s tourism efforts. However, they also organise events such as international dinners, language and cooking tandems and speed friendings to introduce the international dimension of life to the members of their local community. By introducing international and exchange students to the legacy of their country, the pride our members feel towards their own heritage increases and they learn how to embrace the differences that make them special. Together, they create an environment of acceptance and appreciation based on respect and tolerance. On top of that, thanks to the good cooperation and healthy communication with various stakeholders and partners in the field, ESN is able to join Europe-wide opportunities, like the European Year of Cultural Heritage, and make a broader contribution to the cause.