As a key volunteer student organisation in international higher education in Europe, our members provide information about mobility programmes and motivate students to study abroad. They organise mobility conferences to increase the accessibility of information, as well as share their own mobility experience in order to showcase how such an experience can be an investment into one's future. Our members can often be found at various mobility and scholarship fairs organised nationally by stakeholders who recognise ESN as a likely partner and a trustworthy source of information. Such recognition allows our members to advocate for better and more accessible mobility opportunities among decision makers in their country, as well as create nation-wide initiatives. Promotion of volunteering and active citizenship is very important to our organisation; ESN contributes to the field by conducting its own research initiatives like the ESNsurvey and publishing papers, like the ErasmusUpgrade Manifesto. Additionally, in collaboration with their university, our members work hard to ensure fair, smooth and enjoyable mobility period for all international and exchange students. We take pride in Erasmus in Schools, an activity where our members promote opportunities and benefits of higher education to elementary and high school students, while their exchange students hold country presentations and discuss their current mobility experience. This way, we ensure the maintenance in popularity of mobility programmes among upcoming generations, as well as create future volunteers and active citizens.