Do you want to have good time, doing sport in the morning with other students ?

Well, then you don't have to miss the beach-volleyball event !
The plan is to start playing around 10am. We will form equilibrated teams depending on the level, the number of persons present that day and the available fields.

Bring some water, some drinks, something to picnic. 
It's not an obligation to play all the time. You can do some breaks, chill, rest, eat something and then play again when you want. 
It's not a tournament, but an event to have fun while playing beach-volleyball and sharing time with other students.

We can also go to the lake if there's some motivated people !

Take with you : water, swimming suit, sport clothes, food, drinks, sunscreen...
Motivation and good vibes !

Link to register: Beach-volley and Chill (

22/05/2022 - 10:00
Jeunes Rives